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Mastermind Group Members Get:

Weekly Webinars
Weekly webinars for mastermind group members only (recorded and sent out for those who can't attend live)
Dirt Monkey University
Private Facebook group for mastermind group members only - Ask questions for Stan, Phil and the other members in the group 
Past Webinars

You will have instant access to the webinars from the past 8 weeks.

"Invest in yourself"

“Invest in yourself with the Right mentor and Right mastermind. Stan is that Man, he’s simply ON FIRE!

John Lee Dumas - Entreprenuer on Fire

"Stanley will provide insight"

“In a competitive environment such as landscaping, it’s easy to race to the bottom in price, work your tail off, and come home stressed. It doesn’t have to be this way. Stanley will provide insight into creating the landscaping career you, your family, and your customers deserve!”

Darryl W Lyons, Co-founder of PAX Financial Group and Author of Small Business Big Pressure: A Faith Based Approach for the Ambitious Entrepreneur.

✔ Learn from the Best

Having somewhere to turn when a difficult situation arises is vital. Instead of having to search Google and get answers from people whose qualifications are a mystery, you will be able to get responses from coaches who have been in your position and had to learn the hard way.

✔ Get detailed help with your bidding

With coaching in the mastermind group, you will get specific help on bidding projects. Post pictures and describe your project and we will answer any questions you have. (Be sure you don't leave your bidding to the last minute, because you need to take the help you're given and apply it to your business).

✔ Ask what you want, when you want

We will have weekly webinars with access only for members of the mastermind group. But, if something comes up before the next meeting, you can ask. Also, if you miss a webinar, the recording will be emailed and posted.

Stan Genadek

Founding Partner - Dirt Monkey University
CEO/President - Genadek Landscaping & Excavating
Author, YouTube Personality
Green Industry Expert

Phil Sarros

Senior Partner - Dirt Monkey University
CEO/President - Sarros Landscaping
Contributing Author - Lawn & Landscape Magazine
Green Industry Expert!


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