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Forget the fluff. It’s only the facts in this book. Frustrated with reading business book after business book and not finding actionable advice? This book sets out to create a blueprint for entrepreneurs to build their own business.The original concept behind the book was for a father to teach his children how to create a company that they could run and grow on their own in his absence.   This was meant for their eyes only, so it includes hardcore examples on how to build a business.  The curtain is pulled back. Stan uses real examples from real projects that allow you to see how it can be done.

This is must have book that stands apart from every other business journal out there.

  • Actionable advice – real steps you can take to better your business.
  • How to start a company- or how to grow a company.
  • Real numbers.  Real projects.  No theory.  No bullshit.
  • Dedicated from a father to his kids. 
  • Actual advice that works.

Why should you read this book? Stan Genadek is a thirty-one year veteran in the service industry who has built and ran a multi-million dollar corporation.  He wrote this book so his kids could do the same if they choose.

No theory, no suggestions. Just hardcore. This is what worked.  Period end of story. If you were starting all over again and wanted to avoid the mistakes that plague most companies, here is how to do it.

“You get to borrow this book until my kids need it”- Stan Genadek

Jack of all Trades, Master of Two Giveaway!

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