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PhD Members Get:

✔ Over 17 hours of video trainings

✔ Live Hiring Videos

✔ Live Sales Videos

✔ Training on how to organize profits (Profit First)

✔ YouTube Cram Course

✔ Editable Paperwork (INCLUDING our Employee Handbook)

✔ Overcoming Objections

✔ Growth Tools for Your Business

✔ Live Trainings with Business Owners


"“If I have a question about my business or just need advice, Stanley Genadek is my go to guy.” "

Brian Shain
Top Notch Lawns

“As a small business owner, time and money are your most precious commodities. Stan Genadek won’t waste yours. He knows what he’s doing (he’s been there before)! You’ll have a ton of fun learning mission-critical business tips and tricks that will turn your business from a headache-maker into a money-maker.” 

“If your business is not growing in the right direction, Stan will help you figure out why – and what to do about it.” 

“Hey Stan, love your content, got to admit, I would consider you one of my mentors for landscaping, your video’s are very helpful and can be applied to produce instant results. Your content helped me to secure a $10,000 job. Thanks again” 

– Steve Mederos

Live Hiring Calls

Listen in as Stan does initial interviews with potential employees. He finds a couple of people that he temporarily hires.


Get editable templates for commonly used paperwork. This also includes an editable employee handbook!

Live Sales Calls

Stan returns estimate requests and records the calls. Learn from him as he qualifies customers and closes sales over the phone. He diplomatically sends "tire kickers" on their way until they become serious and ready to move on their projects.

Online Content Marketing

Tom Reber of Motor Hard gives in depth information on how to use online content marketing to generate leads and grow your business. He tells you how to create blog, videos, press releases and other forms of media to create a positive online presence for your company and bring in leads long after you hit publish.

Profit First

Mike Michalowicz discusses the principles in his books in a training interview with Stan. Then, in a more in depth video, Lori Petersen discusses the Profit First way of running a business and gives practical steps to take to put your business on the right track for taking your profits first.

When You Sign Up For the Dirt Monkey PhD now you get...

All of the features listed above

All future updates and additions to the PhD Course

  • YouTube Cram Course
  • 10 Basics to Starting a Business
  • Residential Lawn Care Estimating Course
  • Commercial Lawn Care Estimating Course
  • How to Bid Rock & Mulch
  • Commercial Snow Plow & Ice Control Estimating Courses
  • How to Get Started in Snow Plowing
  • Editable Employee Handbook
  • Project Foreman: Job Description

Stan's eBook and audiobook, Jack of All Trades, Master of Two

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