9 Part Bidding & Estimating Series

The most comprehensive Bidding & Estimating program ever offered to the landscaping industry!

What our students have to say … 

“ I took a weekend and went through the course and the very next job I bid I made 44% net profit. Thanks Dirt Monkey! ” ~Roger B. – Southlake, TX~

“ Finally! A complete course on how to make money on every single job. You guys rock. ” ~Nick Sanderson, Tulsa, OK~

Do you remember the first REAL BIG job you sold? I spent over a year in business doing jobs no larger than $1,500 but then one day it happened. The right customer, the right moment, the “ BIG ” job landed in my lap. I thought I was going to look at a yard clean - up project but it turned out to be a new driveway and TONS of trees to remove. I hurried back to my truck and parked it in a Home Depot parking lot and started adding up the numbers . Until now, production labor hours had been pretty straigh t forward. So were material quantities for that matter. But I needed dumpsters, hauling, crushed stone, tree climbers and more. It felt waaaaay out of my league but I NEEDED this job. I was dying to sink my teeth into something “ MEATY ” and this project had all the allure.

After crunching numbers for what seemed like days I finally landed on a number….$4,700. Oh man, I was excited and terrified all at the same time.

What if I forgot something? Was I overpricing it? Underpricing it? It was a complex job (at least at that time) with a lot of moving parts. All these variables! How on earth could I land at a price where I could deliver the service fast and with high quality and make sure to make 25%...that was my goal. So I submitted my proposal to the client and a day later he approved it. Waaaaait a minute, I thought, scratching my head. He said YES? Does that mean I was the most knowledgeable contractor he met with or just the lowest price. Honestly, I was too afraid to ask at that time.

That job ended up going smoothly but I only made 17%. Still, I didn’t lose money for sure and I felt ready to take on even bigger projects.

But I knew I would have to have a MUCH BETTER understanding of my numbers and my capabilities first. So I committed to knowing my numbers better than anyone…and that’s where this story begins.

I’ve spent nearly 30 years studying numbers. I loved math as a child and went on to earn my Mechanical Engineering degree after High School. I love everything about spreadsheets and the manipulation of numbers. This helps me remove the EMOTION from a proposal and look at the mathematics of it. 


I can now stand with confidence and defend my price, stand my ground, hold my chin up and be overwhelmingly proud of the top-notch service we provide. I cannot be shaken on price.

That doesn’t mean I don’t ever negotiate, in fact I consider myself to be a fierce negotiator. See, I can negotiate on any ground, be it scope of work, time to completion, price, value, quality and more. My “C-game” is better than my competitors “A-game” and I don’t say that to be arrogant…just abundantly CONFIDENT. 

I am the Zen Master Ninja of contractor numbers. I can slice and dice them in many directions and my outcome will always be the same….MY CLIENTS WILL WIN and I WILL ALWAYS GET MY PROFIT MARGIN.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, walks away feeling like they’ve been burned. In my game of contracting, employees get paid great, subcontractors get paid great, vendors get paid on time, clients are happy and I get paid….ALWAYS!

So, here is what Dirt Monkey University is passionate about…GETTING ALL THIS INFORMATION DIRECTLY IN YOUR HANDS. You probably have questions? Well we DEFINITELY have answers.

This 9-Part Bidding and Estimating Program is the most comprehensive, A-Z course on how YOU can earn MONSTER PROFITS through knowing your numbers that are SPECIFIC to YOUR BUSINESS!


We’ve taught this entire bidding and estimating program in a live workshop format for over $5,000 and two full days plus your flights, hotels, car rental and meals.

But you won’t need to pay nearly that amount, and you can complete this course in the comfort of your home, truck or office and on your time schedule. 

We not only cover EVERYTHING you need to understand your money, we give you SPECIFIC direction on how to bid sod, pavers, retaining walls and drainage. But we don’t stop there! We’re going to show you how to write a contract that protects YOU! Finally, we’re going to tell you EXACTLY how keep money in YOUR pocket and not lose it.


Your future will NEVER be the same. Once you complete this course you will walk with an entire new level of confidence, you will bid with confidence and you will, DEFINITELY, make more profit than ever before!


9-Part Bidding & Estimating Series:

  • Part 1 – Understanding Pricing Components 
  • Part 2 – Overhead in detail
  • Part 3 – Understanding your Financial Statements
  • Part 4 – How to bid Sod jobs
  • Part 5 – How to bid Paver Patios
  • Part 6 – How to bid Retaining Walls
  • Part 7 – How to bid Drainage
  • Part 8 – How to write a Contract
  • Part 9 – How to NEVER lose money on a job! 

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